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    In Netscape 4.XX and sometimes in IE 5.5, sections of ASP script (server side) will fire more than once. I am having to put session variable to check if it was fired. This is very annoying trying to add a new user to a database and it comes up and says that the user with that name already exists, when in fact it was just created.<BR><BR>Even more strange is that it&#039s not necessarily the full script! It will skip over somethings and run others. It will jump into the middle of loops, skip response.write lines, etc.<BR><BR>Even anyone knows why, please let me know. This is happening on multiple servers, both IIS 4.0 and IIS 5.0.

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    well, it&#039ll be something to do with the way you&#039ve written them. are you response.redirecting to the wrong spot? are they very large scripts? have you turned error trapping off with on error resume next? that&#039d give the impression of pairtial script execution, for sure<BR><BR>j

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    It&#039s actually not just one script. There is no error trapping or response.redirects involved. The scripts very from 30 lines up to 700 or so. It&#039s not a matter of firing partially, but firing multiple times. The second/third time through it doesn&#039t execute the full script. It&#039s like it chooses the lines it wants to execute. It&#039s very strange and nothing I&#039ve seen in 3 years of ASP development.<BR><BR>No errors are reported either. It can be just a basic insert statement to add a record and netscape will fire it multiple times. I just can&#039t figure it out. For instance: You can have a boolean variable. You check it and it says it&#039s true. You run it through an if loop the first time and it comes up true. The second time it may or may not process the loop, but if it does, the answer is completely random. Very strange stuff.

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