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    Mark Turkel Guest

    Default Saesoned ASP Developer Available

    Hi,<BR>I am available for contract programming. I have been working with ASP for 2.5 years, VB since V1.0, and have been working with relational databases for over 15 years. I can help!<BR><BR>I am professional, have excellent references and strong work ethic.<BR>Call me, Mark Turkel at 561-350-5190

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    Default Off-Seson ASP Developer Available...

    Actually i am not available since this is winter. I only work during summer so contact me during summer AFTER i wake up from my hybernation..<BR><BR>If you want to post such messages could you please do it in the ASP Jobs messageboard just look towards your left and you will find it

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    Default Saesoned? Not Seasoned? Curry or saffron?


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