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Thread: ASP,COM,DCOM position available

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    Default ASP,COM,DCOM position available

    Opening for an web developer with emphasis on ASP, COM,DCOM,Java script. email me at

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    Default Do i have to pay for it

    If it is available how much do you charge. Is the postion confortable or wil i get a back ache or something i have a week back not like you care but i thought since i am doing nothing important tight now i might as well tell you. <BR><BR>When i sleep i sometimes get a backache and i was wondering if you sould tell me which postion ASP,COM,DCOM will be better for my back and how much it will cost me. <BR><BR>If it not tooo expensive i may actually go for it.<BR><BR>Oh and by the by could you please restrict such posts to the ASP Jobs messageboard on your left

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