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Thread: Problem diplaying search results from text area

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    Nils Guest

    Default Problem diplaying search results from text area

    I have an HTML page with 3 text areas (along with numerous text boxes and checkboxes). The fields corresponding to these text areas in the database are set to hold 50 characters. The problem is that the asp page is somehow setting a limit on these fields when it displays them. Beyond a certain number of characters, it displays a blank space in the table. I tried doing a trim on these three fields, but then, for just those three fields, it filled in information from a different record.

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    ??? Guest

    Default Show us your code! We cannot read your mind!!!!

    What you are describing is not possible. You must be either inserting the contents of two fields concatenated into the db, or when you are generating the html, you are missing something.<BR><BR>One possibility is that you have multiple fields on the form with the same name and when you do some thing like:<BR><BR>rs("field1") = request.form("Field1")<BR><BR>you are actually inserting the data from all fields called field1.<BR><BR>In any case it is only possible to guess at what studpidity you have performed in your code unless we see your code.

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