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    Interested Guest

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    Is there any harm in writing new apps in ASP+ for release after ASP+ is released next year. Would I be wasting my time to do anything other than get familiar with ASP+? I have little experience working with beta or pre-beta software so I don&#039t know what can be expected for changes as betas are released an then the final production release.

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    Jonathan Goodyear Guest

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    I never hurts to get a head start on new technology. You just have to go into it with an open mind, and the knowledge that some new stuff will arrive, and some of the stuff you are using will invariably go away. I have noticed that a few things have changed in the builds of the SDK since the PDC. One example is that the TraceHandler assembly has changed locations from System.Web.InternalSamples.TraceHandler to System.Web.Handlers.TraceHandler. Aside from a few inconveniences like that, however, most of your code will work with only a few modifications after the release.

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    Doug Seven Guest

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    Bear in mind that there are rumors of some major changes in Beta 2. The architecture should remain intact, but syntax is likely to change. SOme of the MS Dev team have mentioned on the email groups that there are some bigg changes designed to more simplify some of the processes.<BR><BR>Doug Seven<BR>CodeJunkies.Net / ASPNextGen.com<BR>doug.seven@codejunkies.net

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