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Thread: cant create recordset in asp

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    i cant pass a recordset from vb to asp <BR>& ive always been able to pass a recordset from vb component <BR>to asp b4 but now i cant, so i ripped out the exact same code that had worked b4 ( on a different pc ) ..... & it still wouldnt work <BR>i can create a recordset from asp itself .. thats not the <BR>question , ...... im not after the code to create the recordset<BR> i just want to know is their a freaky setting that might be on this interdev that is stopping me ... please dont offer me the <BR>code <BR><BR> many thanks<BR>

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    Default NOT a good idea....

    I would nto sggest passing a recordset from yout com object to the ASP page. It would be better to pass it as an array. <BR><BR>I have NEVER done that so i would have no clue as to why it is not working. <BR><BR>Have you done it before?? and it worked in the same machine as in the same server then i cant imagine what the problem is. <BR><BR>I can tell you confidently that Interdev is ONLY an editor it has NOTHING to do with your ASP page execution so it is NOT a problem with Interdev the problem will have to be somewhere else.

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