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    Sunny Guest

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    when i try to debug my asp pages in interdev, it pops a msgbox<BR>"can&#039t attach to machine " IP ADDRESS ". Do you want to continue anyways. If i say yes it runs the program but don&#039t let me debug it.<BR>I have changed the properties of the project by checking the box to enable "server side scripting" which comes up when u right click the project an go to properties.<BR>what is the way. I know it has to do some settings with server too, Please let me know if anybody knows the wayout.

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    It is an IIS setup. Right click on your project in IIS. On the directory tab, click the configuration button. Then click on the App Debugging tab. Then check the box that says "Allow server side debugging".<BR><BR>I&#039m doing this by memory, so the names might not be exact.

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    Alphabet Guest

    Default Well documented on MSDN

    Debugging ASP is tricky but well documented on MSDN

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