Help w/ SQL conn timeout within ASP page

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Thread: Help w/ SQL conn timeout within ASP page

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    Default Help w/ SQL conn timeout within ASP page

    I have moved an asp application to a two server environment with sql on one server and the application on another. On a particular asp page, I open up a sql connection, run through many tables with all sorts of loops copying all sorts of data. This was never a problem when it was all on one server, but now I get a Microsoft SQL Server Timeout whenever the page is executed. Any suggestions? Some thoughts I had was checking to see if the connection was still valid before executing each time in the loop, or putting all of this in a COM object, but I am unsure what the performance difference would be? Any suggestions on how to fix this problem. Thanks for any help.<BR><BR>Bill<BR>St. Louis, MO

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    you won&#039t get an answer any quicker<BR><BR>see the asp forum.<BR><BR>j

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