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    I have a HTML text area box in a form. When the user inputs data into it, it only writes the first 255 characters into the database column (which is an Access 97 Memo field). Can the variable that holds the text hold more than 255?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Microsft says that a variant has the same amount of storage capacity as a variable-length String and a variable-length String can hold approximately 2 billion characters, so I would start looking some place else. I don&#039t use Access as a backend for my ASP sites, but I do seem to remember hearing about issues with the memo datatype - sorry I can&#039t be of any more assitance - if all else fails, I imagine a dirty way to deal with this would be to chop the string up into sections of 250 characters.<BR><BR>good luck<BR><BR>bart

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