Im building a client database site for a company and want to make a form that searches the database on several variables. <BR><BR>The variables consist of values taken from a table. Lets say i want to search using two variables.<BR><BR>1. Sitefase -&#062; 5 choices taken from a table.<BR>2. Region -&#062; 10 choices taken from a table.<BR><BR>Using &#039If... then&#039 twice allows me to display clients that are in sitefase 2 and in region 3. But I want to add a choice that enables you to choose &#039all&#039. So you can display all clients in region 3.. and disgard the sitefase.<BR><BR>How do I define the &#039all&#039 choice so that the script will understand that if &#039all&#039 is chosen for sitefase, disregard the "if rs("sitefase") = value then part.<BR><BR>Or even better is there a way to define &#039all&#039 on the process page so that the statement if rs("sitefase") = "" would read all.<BR>Thanks for your help.<BR><BR>kaspar<BR><BR><BR>