Connecting to Interbase database through ODBC

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Thread: Connecting to Interbase database through ODBC

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    Hi everybody!<BR><BR>Could someone send me the connection string for connecting to a Interbase database please. It doesn´t seem to be enough to simply enter the data source name(ODBC), user name and password. (e.g. DSN=myDatabase; uis=me; pwd=myPwd where myDatabase is the name of the datasource defined in the ODBC handler on my PC).<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>Magnus

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    Magnus,<BR><BR>I am new to the Interbase world and I have ran into that same problem with connecting to an Interbase DB from ASP using the connection string. I have not found the answer yet and there seems to be very little help out there that has successfully done this. I did create a Visual Basic test that used the ADO component to successfully connect to Interbase. So my suggestion would be to wrap a VB component and use it in your ASP page instead of using the ADO component directly. Since there is very few of us out there that are trying to use Interbase and ASP I will give you my email address, so if there is any other problems that we may run into using Interbase and ASP.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Good Luck!

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