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    Where can I find fficial, unbiased usage stats comparing the popularity between ASP, PHP and Cold Fusion ? I have searched on the web but cannot find anything.

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    You probably cannot find it.<BR><BR>OK, here&#039s a way. Use a search engine that allows searching on file extensions. Search for the extensions of each language type to get a rough count from that particular search engine. The RATIO should be fairly accurate (e.g. .PL vs. .ASP vs. .PHP vs. etc.)<BR>

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    Probaly the same place you can find official, unbiased stats comparing Linux and Windows - ie nowhere, because anyone with the resources to compile decent stats has an axe to grind.<BR><BR>Who cares about popularity anyway? If COBOL were the most popular language in the world that wouldn&#039t necessarily make it the right choice for a given task.<BR><BR>Dunc

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