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    hi again,<BR><BR> similar to the previous question, how can DLL&#039s be called/used in ASP....thanx again...<BR><BR>regards,<BR>george

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    ASP can *only* deal with ActiveX components. That is, COM components that implement OLE Automation (the IDispatch interface). If the DLL is a valid component, then you can easily script it in ASP, using either VBScript or JScript. You just create an instance of the ActiveX object via<BR> &nbsp; &nbsp; Set obj = Server.CreateObject("Registered.ComponentName.vers ionnumber")<BR>and then invoke the registered methods and properties of the object.<BR><BR>If the DLL is *not* a legal ActiveX component, then you will have to create an ActiveX component that, in turn, calls the DLL.<BR><BR>

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