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    I have a page that has a number of textboxes and buttons which leave the page and let you come back later to find the textboxes still all filled out as they were left. The textbox contents are Server.URLEncoded while they are passed between pages, but when it comes back if the text had a quote in it, it stuffs up the HTML code ie.<BR>&#060;INPUT name=txtDesc maxlength=50 size=50 value="20" Monitor "&#062;<BR><BR>Any Ideas on how to prevent this apart from removing all the quotes from the string or is that the only way to do it.<BR><BR>We also have a similiar problem with the values being passed into SQL statements and breaking them also.

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    in the SQL statements just do a Replace(string, "&#039", "&#039&#039")<BR><BR>for the textboxes.... hmmm. convert double quotes to singles, i&#039d say, or use &quot; or similar. <BR><BR>j

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