ASP invoked executables stuck in queue (Win2K)

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Thread: ASP invoked executables stuck in queue (Win2K)

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    Hi! I have problems running an executable on Win2k(IIS5), which I previously didn&#039t encounter in Win98(running PWS). The command that I used for both instances are:<BR><BR>Set Obj = Server.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")<BR>commandlin e="c:yyyxxx.exe"<BR>Obj.Run commandline<BR><BR>The program is suppose to run outside the context of the webpage. However in Win2k/IIS5, it does not execute upon &#039Obj.Run&#039 but gets stuck in the process queue, as observed in &#039Task Manager&#039. The following are my observations:<BR><BR>Stay in Task Manager after log out<BR>Removed when server restarted<BR>Unable to End Process from Task Manager<BR>Unable to change priority ( set to medium by default )<BR><BR>The properties of the &#039yyy&#039 directory has been set to give permission for &#039Read and Execute&#039 to all listed under &#039Name&#039. My question is, what can I do to make it &#039execute&#039? Also, is this the correct web model/architecture for long running processes that is not suppose to get back to the user (ie. the user later &#039checks&#039 to see if the executable has churned out a &#039result.html&#039 file )? <BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>Chan SL <BR>

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    One thing that you can try is to set the directory Application Protection to High(Isolated) which will (supposedly) make the objects run outside of the inetinfo process. This setting is accessible from the right click context menu in IIS for the folder. You have to create a virtual folder first.

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    I&#039ve had a similar problem trying to run a batch file the same way(no luck for the client), but I didn&#039t really want to go that way, letting the ASP execute something on the server.<BR><BR>For your long running process, you might consider:<BR>A stand alone exe. The exe looks in a DB to see if it has work to do, if so it does the work and writes to the DB to say it has finished : repeat.<BR><BR>Your page writes to the DB to indicate work to be done.<BR>Your page checks the DB to see if there is finished work to be collected.<BR><BR>You can check up on Loosly Coupled Events<BR><BR>-A<BR><BR><BR>

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