Hi all,<BR><BR>I created a activex dll with only one function<BR><BR>&#039 **************************************<BR>Public Function showPrinters() As String<BR><BR>Dim txtPrinterName As String<BR><BR>txtPrinterName = ""<BR><BR>For Each oPrinter In VB.Printers<BR> txtPrinterName = txtPrinterName & oPrinter.DeviceName<BR>Next<BR><BR>If txtPrinterName = "" Then<BR> showPrinters = "No Printer Found!"<BR>Else<BR> showPrinters = txtPrinterName<BR>End If<BR><BR>End Function<BR>&#039 **************************************<BR><BR>I then created another vb standalone exe to access this component, and I could get the list of printers on the server.<BR><BR>However, when I create the object (same dll) in my asp page, I couldn&#039t access the global printer object (or the global printers list).<BR><BR>The dll&#039s security property has been set to allow access from everyone and IIS users. I also created an IIS application in the testing website to allow script & execute to run in the directory where this dll resides.<BR><BR>Any ideas ? Anything to do with the threading model?<BR><BR>Thanks!!<BR><BR>