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    Is anyone out there running Chilisoft ASP on a RaQ3i with Linux, if so have you succeeded in running ASP against a Dbase5 or 6 datasource on the RaQ, that has been exported from Access 97 / Access 2000, and which of the ODBC drivers have you used. All assistance acknowledged.

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    They *should* give you an answer quickly on this one.<BR><BR>Or you could post in the forum:<BR><BR>But I just asked JB, since he happened to be walking past.<BR><BR>FIRST:<BR><BR>DBase 6? Is there such a thing? (I couldn&#039t find it under Export As in Access.) Did you mean to say Dbase 4 or 5?<BR><BR>The answer:<BR><BR>The DBase driver *is* included. Just bring up the admin console, select "manage a server", select db servers, add a DSN to point to the file, using the included dbase driver.<BR><BR>Major caution: Since DBase "databases" are really just files, you must make sure that the permissions in the directory(ies) where you put the database(s) allow access by the ASP engine!<BR><BR>If this doesn&#039t help--if you have already tried this?--then *do* email for tech support.<BR><BR>

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