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    daniel Guest

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    I want to know if there is any book or tutorial that would<BR>get me started on building a search engine with ASP. The server<BR>is Unix with MySQL 3.00...<BR> Thanks

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    If you are on a unix server you will need chillisoft.<BR><BR>I think a better option would be to use PHP ( or JSP or Perl/CGI on that platform. Look up Perl/CGI and you will find heaps of code samples on how to do just about anthing you want. Perl is a bit harder to program than ASP or the other sytems I have mentioned above.

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    Jose Nava Guest

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    Go to It&#039s writen in Perl, but you can use the same theory. Its basically creating 3 tables the first table holds the url of the website that was indexed. The second table holds all the words that will be indexed. The third will hold a combination of the first and second table. Are you just building a search engine for a particular site or do you want to go and crawl other sites. Quick question, why are you using asp on unix. Why not just use asp on windows nt and microsoft sql server. Or just use php, unix, and mysql. I would suggest that you go with the asp and microsoft sql server solutions. If you have any more questions please feel free to email me.<BR>-Jose Nava<BR><BR>

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