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    I keep getting a Dr. Watson error. It says that an application error has occured. Access violation. It generates a event viewer error as followed:<BR>Event ID : 14<BR>Source: W3SVC<BR><BR>The HTTP Filter DLL C:WINNTsystem32inetsrvinetinfo.exe failed to load. The data is the error. <BR><BR>Has anyone come across this error before. I have been to mircosoft and they were of no help. They said download debugger window, well that just gives me more numbers that make no sense. I have added service pack 6a to try and fix it but it hasn&#039t helped. Any ideas??

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    have you got anything non-standard installed on your system, and is it PWS or full IIS? (i ask, because PWS is more likely to get a clash than IIS)<BR><BR>I&#039ve seen similar things with PHP for NT, which was just a configuration error (caused a lot of grief though). <BR><BR>j

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