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    Does anyone know about Server.Transfer and Server.Execute. Is it faster performance if you use this instead of response.redirect? Also, how would this get used?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>Erica

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    Server.Transfer is faster because it does not require a round-trip by the client to the server. i.e. the redirection occurs on the server side and the parameters are preserved.<BR><BR>Useage:<BR>Server.Transfer(URL)

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    Default Have not used it BUT....

    There is suposed to be a performance enhancement when you do a server.transfer cause normally with a response.redirect to put it simpily the server executes the code and on encountering this statement tell the browser to request for another page but with Server.execute ti will directly pass all parameters recieved on this page to the next page in the server itself. There is not trip made to the client at all.<BR><BR>Like i said i have never used it read a bit about it some time ago and i could very well be WRONG<BR><BR>i would suggest you look at MSDN to figure out how you use it<BR><BR>i know server.transfer(url) will do it BUT you CANNOT pass any parameters with this

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