I have a development server and I have used Scripting Object Model (Used PageObjects) in my asp pages to execute another asp page and everything works fine. But when i moved my pages to the Live Server and when I run the asp page it is totally blank.<BR><BR>The required folder _ScriptLibrary and all the required files are there. (i.e - pm.asp, pm.js). I tryed all ways of displaying<BR>some messages in my asp page but nothing is being displayed.<BR>(i.e - used javascript onLoad() and tryed to display alert, vbscript response.write etc.) but nothing is being displayed.<BR><BR>I wrote some response.write() in pm.asp but still nothing is displayed. I also made some syntax error while writing response.write() in pm.asp but still nothing is being displayed.<BR><BR>what could be wrong????<BR><BR>am i missing any dll&#039s required to run SOM in my asp pages?<BR><BR>please let me know.