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    Joe Stern Guest

    Default PC total price calculator

    Guys, please help me out. My boss wants me to make PC Configurator similar like DELL has with several dropdown menus and that could calculate the total price based on the selections from those menus <BR><BR>Thanx a lot inadvance<BR>Joe

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default What is your question?

    What have you tried? Are you looking for an ASP solution or a client side solution? Try something first, then ask questions.<BR><BR>HINT -- use the price in your dropdown box<BR><BR>&#060;OPTION VALUE="350.00"&#062;Printer&#060;/OPTION&#062;

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    Joe stern Guest

    Default RE: What is your question?

    I would like to do it with asp server side. Also i would like to have items in drop down menues to come from access database databse for an easy update. so after clicking on calculate total button a person woudl gate the updated price.<BR>Im new to ASP iwas trying to use Macromedia Uldtradev fro that but realised that I cant avoid manual coding. So i would like someone to help me to write that script for 2 drop down lists for example just to test.<BR>Thanx for your response

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