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    Hi,<BR>All <BR><BR>Any body know how to disable the abck button of the Browser.<BR>My requirment is that I don&#039t want to open the new window.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>

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    Oh...my body and soul Guest

    Default Not possible

    you CANNOT disable the back button<BR><BR>try not caching it.

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    Conrad Guest

    Default You can't...but there is a work-around.

    If this is in reguards to a set of pages,say a signup process, then there is a work-around.<BR><BR>Between each of the pages you have created you must insert &#039guide&#039 pages. These are pages that set the page you should be on.<BR><BR>Clarification:<BR>Say you have three pages: signup1,signup2 and signup3 you would need to create three pages: signup_start,signup1_set and signup2_set.<BR>The flow is such:<BR><BR>signup_start<BR>signup1<BR>signup1_se t <BR>signup2 <BR>signup2_set <BR>signup3<BR><BR><BR>Signup start sould contain something like this:<BR><BR>Session("current_page") = "signup1.asp"<BR><BR><BR>Then at the head of the signup1.asp page you would include the following code:<BR><BR>If Session("current_page") &#060;&#062; "signup1" Then<BR>Response.Redirect(Session("current_pape")< BR>End If<BR><BR>Make sure to change the first line to chech for the right page.<BR>So that the check for page signup2.asp would be:<BR>If Session("current_page") &#060;&#062; "signup2" Then<BR><BR>Just make sure to do the following when the process is done.<BR>Session.Contents.Remove("current_page")<B R>This frees up the memory in use.<BR><BR>You could you this to on a *entire* site, but there would be maintance costs involved.<BR><BR>Good Luck!<BR>

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