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    In Visual Basic project properties, if one selects ActiveX Exe, the Threading Model Combo box is disabled and one can only increment the no. of threads in a thread pool. Please help me understand why.

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    The apartment threading model (available in ActiveX DLLs) allows multiple threads to access the same object. Each thread contains its own copy of the global data of the object and each thread is unaware of other threads. This provides a "safe" multithreading environment.<BR><BR>Out-of-process components (ActiveX EXEs) typically use one thread per processor on the server. Each request to the component completes its transaction before the component moves on to the next transaction. <BR><BR>By selecting one thread per object, a new thread is created for each object that is created by the server. The advantage of using this is that each thread operates independently and is not waiting on other objects to finish. The disadvantage is that you can&#039t control the number of threads created. If too may are created they could slow down system performance.<BR><BR>HTH

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