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    I want to create a very simple message board, but don&#039t know where to start. Tried to find articles but nothing shows up under the search function. Can anyone tell me where to find basic ASP code to create a message board? THANK YOU.

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    SPG Guest

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    Start with the database, of course!<BR><BR>Every message needs a unique ID, and belongs to a thread (with a unique ID). It may be a reply to another message (and thus mention a third unique ID). It will have a title, an author, a date and some content. It may have an indent-level (so you don&#039t have to recalculate it later on). For mine, I set it up such that a thread adopted the ID of its first post and a reply ID of 0 (then, if msgID = threadID or replyID = 0, I could tell I was working with a new thread.<BR><BR>From there it&#039s 80% mind-bending SQL exercises and character masking (if you want to add a "preview" screen). Very healthy; good for the mental constitution.<BR><BR>Good luck,<BR>SPG

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