Can you use fso on a network drive?

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Thread: Can you use fso on a network drive?

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    Reggie Guest

    Default Can you use fso on a network drive?

    I&#039ve looked around a lot for information about this including a microsoft msdn FIX ( but I&#039ve never been able to get this to work. I&#039ve tested everything to make sure it is the correct code and will create a file on the local server and then I changed it to a mapped drive and I&#039ve tried the UNC path (\servernamepath). Has anyone ever been able to get this to work?

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    AspHead Guest

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    Yes, I have done file creation on the network several times. It takes a little putzing with it before it works. Security is the big issue, and you have to play with accounts. The exact things you have to do changes with how your network is configured, whether you are in the same domain or not, and even if the Webserver is also the PDC (although the fix you mentioned may fix that, I will have to go read it to be sure). <BR><BR>If you dont have admin rights for both the webserver and the Server hosting the networked drive, I wouldnt even bother playing with it. If you do, Ive included the instructions I wrote in past for doing this at one of my clients sites.<BR><BR>One thing to note, is that I am assuming the page is running under the IUSR account in the following instructions. If you are running the ASP page under Login User account, theres a bug, that the fix you mentioned may make the difference in. But for now, just run the ASP page as you normally would.<BR><BR>----------------------------------------<BR>INSTRUCTIONS FOR CONFIGURING FSO ACCROSS THE NETWORK<BR><BR>In order to access files via a file that exists on another machine through a share, the IUSR account MUST be replicated on each server that will be hosting a fileshare. <BR><BR><BR><BR>Web Server Configuration:<BR><BR>In User Manager:<BR>Set the IUSR account password manually (remeber this PW)<BR><BR><BR>In IIS Admin:<BR>For the Anonymous Account Security Setup:<BR>* Set Password Synchronization OFF (very important)<BR>* Set IUSR Password manually, using the same New password <BR><BR><BR><BR>Fileshare Server Configuration<BR><BR>User Manager:<BR>* Create the IUSR_webserver account (make sure the IUSR is the webserver IUSR)<BR>* Set password manually to the same PW <BR><BR>File Share Setup:<BR>* Root File share name : TestShare<BR>* Permissions: IUSR will need to have RWED to all files and directories within TestShare<BR><BR>Once setup, you should be able to do file creation using \machinenameTestShare<BR>

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    genzo Guest

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    This worked for me only after i had updated the metabase as described in( <BR>thanx.<BR>

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