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    Jenny Guest

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    I recently used the articles about "Batch Updates" and "Paging Through records" in different situations, as always happens, now I would like to combine the two features into one. <BR><BR>Think of a catalog that you page through, checking items that you want to see (once you have gone through the whole catalog), going through multiple pages and selecting maybe one or two per page.<BR><BR>The problem: I cannot get the collection of checked items to pass between pages. When I click the "Display checked items" only the items on the current page display.<BR><BR>I am thinking this needs to be done with a SessionVariable, but not sure how to get it started. Any ideas?

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    Sateesh Guest

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    The reason is you are not holding the checked item details when you page through records, you store the items that are checked in the page before moving to the other page in an array and keep appending to the array when the user clicks some stuff on the next page. the other way is whenever the user selects some stuff keep appending to a hidden control seperated by some aschii characters and keep passing the selected items to the other page he visits and when he wants to check out use the split function and find out the items taht he selected through out his visit

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    Jenny Guest

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    Being that the items are collected in an array, how can I pass that array to the next page? When they are collected and pressing the "Display checked items" is clicked (form button), that is when the array is passed to the asp that lists them (creating the SET for the SQL statement), but the "Next Page" is a link to the same asp which displays the next 40 records of the same database?

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