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    Sunny Guest

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    Is their a possibility that i can create stored prodedures on users database automatically by writing a script. Because i have many users of this system may be 100 i cannot create stored procedures on their databases separately. <BR><BR>may be in the script I can write <BR>CREATE PROCEDURE ---- bla bla<BR>CREATE PROCEDURE -----bla bla<BR>and it might create this stored procedure on the database.<BR><BR>Note: This is my thought. Want to know if this possible ?? What other ways can be used ??

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    Sateesh Guest

    Default It is possible

    offcourse yes you can dynamically create store procedure using the scripts

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    sunny Guest

    Default RE: It is possible

    ok,<BR>so the way i asked like if we write <BR>CREATE PROCEDURE.....statements...<BR><BR>in ASP or some script will this make the stored procedure in database with whatever statements written..??<BR>AS when we write stored procedures in a database we start with CREATE PROCEDURE.....<BR>and this statement creates the stored procedure....

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