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    When i create a unique key constraint in oracle it allows me to insert as many nulls in that particular column, but when i try to insert the same in the sql server (table structure is same and the unique constraint is also established similarly ** not a primary key **) allows only a single null. Is this a bug in oracle or ..<BR>I have even read a article some time earlier about the null values and i remember some thing like when you assign null to a column the sqlserver stores some system default value (depending upon the datatype of the column ) is that true, if some one has any article about that please share with me<BR>thank you in advance<BR>please mail the article to sbalaman@dmind.com

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    SQL sees NULL as a value in this particular case. So since it is a unique constraint you can only have one of them. Don&#039t know about Oracle, from what you described it sounds like Oracle does not treat NULL as a value so you can have as many as you want.

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