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    So far I were using MS Access databases for connecting to the ASP pages. Today while connecting to ORACLE , I am facing lot of problems. For connecting to ORACLE database (which resides on anothr server(WIN NT) ) I created a system DSN using Microsoft ODBC Driver for ORACLE. Then I gave the connection string as objconn.connectionstring = "DSN =dsnname ; uid=username; pwd=password;server=servicename" <BR><BR>While executing the ASP code first came out showing error like DSN not available and then it was showing ORACLE TEXT ERROR ORA00000 like that message.<BR><BR>Kindly help me . Thanks in advance.

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    there might be many reasons for connection failure<BR>1 test your dsn connection by creating a adodb command object using the interdev, it it succeds your dsn is correct and works fine<BR>2 better try to copy the connection string from the command object you created using the interdev, we might miss some of the parameteres without our knowledge, i dont see the driver information on your connection string<BR><BR>try it out

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    Please send me an email, I would like to ask you some thing off line regarding Oracle8<BR><BR>Thanks

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