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    I get the following error..<BR><BR>503 Bad Sequence of Commands. <BR><BR><BR>What does this mean??<BR><BR>My code is as follows..<BR>Set Mailer = Server.CreateObject("SMTPsvg.Mailer")<BR>Mailer.Fr omName = "ABC Corp."<BR>Mailer.FromAddress= "Joe@abc.com"<BR>Mailer.RemoteHost = "1wh.com"<BR>Mailer.AddRecipient "john.", "john@abc.com"<BR>Mailer.Subject = "Need inquiries on quotations"<BR>strbody = ""CompanyName:"&Request.QueryString("txtcompany")< BR>if Request.QueryString("txtURL")&#060;&#062; "" then<BR>strBody = strBody & "CompanyURL:" & Request.QueryString("txtURL") <BR>else<BR>strBody = strBody & "CompanyURL: XXXXXX" <BR>end if<BR>Mailer.BodyText = strBody<BR>if Mailer.SendMail then<BR>Response.Redirect "Msg.asp?Msg=Thanks <BR>Your query has been submitted successfully.We will contact you within two business days."<BR>else<BR>response.write "Mail send failure. Error was " & Mailer.Response<BR>&#039Response.Redirect "Msg.asp?Msg=Mail send failure. Error was " & Mailer.Response<BR>end if<BR><BR>thanks for helping me.

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    odd, but i did note you&#039ve got a line break in the &#039thanks&#039 bit<BR><BR>use "text" & vbcrlf & "text" to add line breaks<BR><BR>other than that, try the docs for the component<BR><BR>j

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