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    Vega Finucan Guest

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    Thanks in advance. I have a series of 4 list boxes that derive content from a SQL database. I would like the user to select the first list box and pass the value to a query to create the content for the second list box . Then, select the second list box, pass the value again to derive the content of the third, etc. I have populated the first list box with content from my database. I am having problems with the code that will get the value, run the query and populate the second, third, etc. I am a newbie so please be specific.

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    Shawn Clabough Guest

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    I don&#039t know how to do it dynamically in one page - if it&#039s even possible, but you could do it this way: Put each list box in a form in its own frame with the target of the form being the next frame over. Have an event set so that when the list box selection is made, it submits the form.

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    Vega Finucan Guest

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    Thanks for the repsonse. Actually, I did find a way to contain the drop down lists in one page by submitting the page to itself using javascript - refresh(). Then, insert the value into the recordset to derive the contents of the next recordset. Thanks!

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