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    I currently have a site that uses NT challenge and response, the user name is then passed form the server variable Auth_user for system security. I would like to reverse this procedure and use a bespoke login screen and then pass the user ID and password to NT for athentication. Is this possible and if so how would I go about doing it

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    I think there is a component from Persits software that can do an NT logon, but I don&#039t know if it flows that security context into subsequent requests - I doubt it.<BR><BR>If you do this, you are throwing away all of the advantages of NTLM security - you may as well go with basic. You&#039ll be sending usernames/passwords in cleartext and if those accounts have even moderate permissions (ie anything more than is absolutely necessary for web browsing) or if you server isn&#039t +very+ secure I&#039d consider that a significant security risk.<BR><BR>Dunc

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