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    Juneau Guest

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    I am running NT workstation 4.0 with WebsitePro 2.1 and IIS 3.0. I have all my ASP roots defined and mapped as executable directories in IIS. I have installed FoxPro, ASP Support for WebSitePro, and the 9MB ASP.EXE from IIS 3.0 like stated in the book. When I attempt to hit an ASP with a SQL text in it it hangs and locks WebSitePro. I have to log off and log back on the Web Server to end the task. I believe I may have an ODBC problem because when I install the ASP.exe it returns a message at the end stating that the ODBC driver version is different from the ODBC manager and to reinstall ODBC support to ensure it is working properly, which I have done. If I reinstall ASP.exe now it returns that same error even though it appears to be installed properly. Any Ideas where to look or how to completely remove ODBC and reinstall from scratch would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>TIA, <BR>Juneau

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    IIS 3.0 is two versions out of date. for NT workstation you need IIS4.0 which is available from the downloads section of the windows NT site as part of the NT4 Option Pack<BR><BR><BR><BR>j

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    Juneau Guest

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    Actually I was confused, I am running IIS4 with ASP support for IIS3 because IIS4 comes with supprot for ASP2 and Website is not compatable with ASP2 only ASP1 which is provided in Service Pack 3 CD.<BR><BR>Thanks for your help anyways though =)<BR>Juneau

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