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    I&#039m developing a commercial website using ASP. I&#039m using sqlsever as a backend. I have a form for accepting the personal details of the customer including credit card. How is the credit card processing done when I submit the credit card number & submit the form? <BR>It&#039s very urgent!<BR>I need to submit that work today.<BR>Mail to :<BR>Thanks a lot.<BR>Sarita

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    Uh, you need another service to process the credit card, like Intellipay. ASP does not process credit cards.

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    urm, you probably won&#039t be able to do this in a day. Firstly you will need to set up a secure socket layer and order an accepted certificate from Verisign. This is to prevent others IP snooping on customers VISA numbers. Secondly you need to employ the services of a credit card authorisation service, and arrange this with your acquiring bank. There is lots more... Go to to find more.<BR>Good luck

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