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    Can someone please tell me if its possible to display the contents of your textfile in reverse order?<BR><BR>I am running a simple chat room, and am using the FileSystemObject to open and append a text file that is refreshed in a top frame. I either need the contents to be displayed from bottom to top, or figure out some way to have the top frame hyper-link to the bottom of itself, so that the latest comments are always displayed for the user.<BR><BR>I am sure this sounds confusing, so please let me know if I can clarify anything,.. this is really bugging me,... :)<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Steve

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    for me, I&#039ll suggest you use application instead of txt files, so that you don&#039t have to do that part.<BR><BR>or you can put all file text into a var first, to do this,you can do like:<BR><BR>Outputsting = file.readline & Outputstring, while you looping out the data

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    I&#039m 80% sure I answered this post a week ago!<BR><BR>If not, it&#039s a real close clone!<BR><BR>Ah, well, one more time:<BR><BR>DON&#039T DO IT!<BR><BR>Keep the last N messages (however many you need) in an array stored as a single application value. If you want to get clever, then instead of "shuffling" lines in the array you treat the array as a circular buffer, wrapping around.<BR><BR>You will be sorry, from a performance standpoint, if you use a file.<BR>

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