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Thread: declarative attribute and Implements keyword

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    Default declarative attribute and Implements keyword

    Has anyone had any luck getting either of these working in COM+ VB components? <BR>I am having trouble implementing COMSVCSLib.IObjectConstruct to grab the attribute declared in Component Manager. <BR>Thanks for your forthcoming help, SamC

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    SPG Guest

    Default Implements...

    Yes, I&#039ve used it in VB 6 -- and it helped me write just about the most obnoxious code I&#039ve written as far as I can remember. (I have a lot of holes in my memory, thank electroshock therapy.)<BR><BR>Anyway, "Implements" was designed to reduce the amount of code you have to write by allowing you to simply "implement" a superclass in your specific code. (For example, a backpack could Implement a bag.)<BR><BR>The thing that sucks is this:<BR>For every public function on the superclass, you have to write a handler function on your main class referring back to the superclass, so you&#039re not really saving any code. Furthermore, because your code is now jumping back and forth between two classes, it is nothing less than a lunatic&#039s nightmare to maintain that kind of code. (As I recall, there were also problems distributing this DLL-cross-referenced code, but that may have been because another class was trying to pick up regExps at the same time...)<BR><BR>Microsoft has promised to clean up this mess and give us real OO with VB 7.<BR><BR>I&#039ve never tried to use the "attribute" keyword, sorry.

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default AMEN, brother!

    Implements is the biggest suckhole in VB. You are 1000% right that it actually doesn&#039t save any code writing, and IMO, actually confuses the issue even more. I know it was their first attempt at inheritance, so I&#039ll go easy on them, but I stay away from that useless keyword as much as possible.<BR><BR>Let&#039s see if VB7 (or VB.NET, or whatever they want to call it now) has a better way of doing this.

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    Default Implements keyword in COM+ component

    In COM+, to access the declarative attribute that can be set in Component Services, one must Implement the IObjectConstuct interface of the COM+ Services Library. My question is, has anyone successfully done this, as I am currently failing, even with the code that I got from Microsoft&#039s site. <BR>Any help would be appreciated. <BR>Thanks again, SamC

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