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    Hi,<BR>I am a new programmer usually when I write an ASP application I never do any documentation. Recently my client want me to provide some kind of documentation on how to use the application, and another one on how to maintance the application will be use by next developer. Is there any standard format available out there that I can take a look at?<BR>thank,<BR>Duc

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    then how do you know what the client wants and how he wants it. Itr must have been tough<BR><BR>One beautiful easy to explain way....ensure if you write the spec document if that is give to someone else they will create the SAME application you do....maybe a different UI but the functionality will be the same.<BR><BR>Each client has their own layout of the far i have been given a template and asked to give the documentation otherwise i use the template i have.<BR><BR>Basically for the spec doc<BR><BR>a toc <BR>a desc of the document<BR>a desc of the application<BR>purpose of the app<BR>the fuctionanality braodly <BR>the funct in detail<BR><BR>focourse they will have to have subdivisions for each functionality...the one i use is to in depth and i will have to explain it to the person while we are looking at it.<BR><BR><BR>They may be avail on the net though did you try that

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