Even with the ScriptLibrary in place on a web application asp pages will return back errors when trying to run Design Time Controls. What I think I may have found out is, DTC&#039s will not execute without Visual Interdev extensions installed on the server. I am however not sure if my webhost/server has these extensions installed and the problem is related to something else. Do DTC&#039s require VI extensions?<BR><BR>I have learned in my research in the last day that ADO is the alternative to DE (data environment) DTC&#039s. While the idea of having reusable code via DTC&#039s is attractive, if the alternative is to stick with hand coded ADO, I am fine with that. Later when I have scores of data connections to work with then I will worry about reusable code. I have much more to learn about ADO, but it seems clear to me that not being able to use DTC&#039s is not THAT big of deal. Anyone have some insight on this issue?<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Daniel