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    Hi,<BR>I can&#039t figure out how to open a pop up window in Javascript which contains two frames. The top frameset should contain my web sites logo and a close link. The second frameset should contain someone elses web site. Basically what I&#039m trying to do it, when you click on a hyper link on my web site which goes to someone elses site, I want my web site&#039s log to always appear at the top and the other person web site to appear in the frame below. How&#039s this achieved?<BR>kaustav@kaustav.uk.com

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    just like any other pop-up, but you open the frameset<BR><BR>pass that a querystring variable, containing the address of the site you&#039re aiming at /frame.asp?url=http://whatever.com<BR><BR>dynamically write the frameset with ASP or client-side javascript document.write()s<BR><BR><BR>if you&#039re using javascript, use self.search.substring(start, self.search.length) where &#039start&#039 is the starting position of the url in the querystring<BR>(caveat - you&#039ll have to document.write EVERYTHING from &#060;frameset&#062; to &#060;/frameset&#062; for this to work)<BR><BR>easy<BR><BR>there&#039s a tutorial on this at in the javascript section<BR><BR>j

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