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    Hello all,<BR><BR>A little background. I am a super user with MSAccess and FrontPage. I was given the daunting task of tackling a project in ASP. I am a quick study!<BR><BR>Are there any materials/websites out there that can cut the learning curve, and still give me quality info?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Shawn

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    A former Cobol programmer (yes you read it right) and project manager. I&#039ve been using Access and FP for a few years in between contracts. I picked up Steve Walther&#039s Learn E-commerce in 21 days with ASP. I would consider myself a quick read. But after about 2 months I finally got through day 16. Each day in the book took me two days to complete ( I&#039m pretty thorough). I didn&#039t copy the book&#039s application after the first few days but opted to build a slightly different Ap, with a lot of the same code. The book is a B+, some things were difficult to get running because I was using a live internet server not an intranet and few things didn&#039t work. But I think it does a great job of teaching the basics. (As long as you have done some coding in VBA.)

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