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    Shawn Higgins Guest

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    Hello all,<BR><BR>A little background. I am a super user with MSAccess and FrontPage. I was given the daunting task of tackling a project in ASP. I am a quick study!<BR><BR>Are there any materials/websites out there that can cut the learning curve, and still give me quality info?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Shawn

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    Duc Guest

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    There are ton of site about ASP. However I recommend you to buy an ASP book A good one would be Learning ASP 3.0 in 21 days from SAM PUBLISHER OR Beginning ASP 3.0 from Wrox Publisher. If you are a quick learner this will get you far.<BR>Gook Luck,<BR>Duc

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    Default Agree with Duc, but...

    ...if you insist on doing it online, then I&#039d go to www.LearnASP.com and work your way through Charles&#039 "lessons" (which are really just examples with minimal explanation).<BR><BR>I think the book is better, more complete, faster, more accurate, but...<BR><BR>

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