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    OK, <BR>I am trying to design a site for a client but he insists that all his DB generated pages have an .html extension for optimal search engine placement. Although I dont think its possible, I thought I&#039d submit just to make sure if this is not possible?<BR>Any info would be greatly appreciated...

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    It&#039s possible to map the extension .html to be served by asp.dll <BR>In this case, the asp code included in it will be executed but the page name will still be .html<BR><BR>The search engines however don&#039t like dynamic pages, pages with variables appended to the names. But if your pages don&#039t need variables you can go ahead. <BR><BR>

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    I have never done this before myself but if you really think about it it&#039s quite possible. Let see what you might want to do is to do your Severside querying on ASP page then use all the information that you got back form your query to Generate and HTML page base on the result, then save the HTML file. So even though your HTML page have .html extension but it&#039s still a Dynamic page because the actuall content of it being update automaticly every so offten. Like I said I have never done this, but I think it is quite possible. I wish you luck with it, Client always think of crazy idea aren&#039t they? But isn&#039t that what keep us in the market hihihihi.<BR>Duc

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