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    Steve:<BR>You said to post back if I needed too soooooo...<BR>I created a 2 digit field and named it "repeat"<BR>The code now reads: <BR><BR><BR>StrSql ="INSERT INTO diary (dte, text_field, repeat) values (#" & request("view_date") & "#, &#039" & chkString(request("txt") & "#, &#039" & chkString(request("repeat") & "&#039)"<BR>else <BR> StrSql = "UPDATE diary SET diary.dte = #" & request("view_date") & "#, text_field = &#039" & chkString(request("txt") & repeating = Request.Form("repeat") ) & "&#039 WHERE id = " & rs("id")<BR><BR><BR>I&#039m getting a compilation error message that says Expected &#039)&#039.<BR><BR>HELP! LOL

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    A good way to find those darn stray parens is to count how many are open, and then count how many are closed. I found it in your first StrSQL (INSERT). Oops.. I just seen it in your UPDATE statement also.<BR><BR>Your chkString function is missing a closing parens, both times. You have 7 opening parens, but only 5 closing. Watch your chkString function&#039s closing parens.

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    Duc Guest

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    You should practicing tracking your SQL Statement whenever you have an error secially with "(" or ")" thing. The best way to do this is to use <BR>Response.Write SQL<BR>TD

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    Default One more thing

    Don&#039t place &#039 &#039 around numeric fields. If "repeat" is a numeric field, you only want to send it the variable without wrapping it in single quotes.

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