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    hi,<BR>My company has asked (ok TOLD :) me to take over our website which is currently being run by a consultant. He has written things in perl....I know ASP. The site is pretty straight forward, mostly html, except for a search engine on it. As well, I have accessed date via ASP using msAccess db&#039s....our db is I doomed to failure? Any ideas, suggestions, referals to sites/books would be much appreciated...pls., no comments on I should quit...I am a single parent and need this job. I would consider myself an intermediate with ASP.<BR><BR>Thanks for your advice, input

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    Just create an ODBC connection to the Oracle database on the web server and use that for your db connection. All of your ASP will be the same except for minor changes to the db connection. You might want to install the native oracle drivers on the server also to make db connection quick.

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