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    Matiur Rahman Guest

    Default ASP/ColdFusion Comparism

    I am a ASP developer for about two years. Recently, I am hearing many WEB developers using ColdFusion and also XML.<BR><BR>Can anybody tell me whether it is worthy for me to invest time on learning ColdFusion? It is totally new to me. Or shall I invest on learing XML/XSL technology?<BR><BR>Your response/direction is highly appreciated.

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    Duc Guest

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    From what I know coldFusion very similar to ASP so if you are what you said have 2 years of ASP experience you shouldn&#039t have a problem picking up ColdFusion. I am an ASP developer too never done any ColdFusion in my life. The other day my client want me to develope a small application using ColdFusion. I bought the Book and have no problem at all with it. Anyway the reason people using ColdFusion because it&#039s support by UNIX and IIS both. The syntax and logic are very similar.<BR>I hope this help.<BR>Duc

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    Matiur Rahman Guest

    Default RE: Thanks

    Thanks for your reply

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    Default RE: ASP/ColdFusion Comparism -NO NO NO

    I disagree with your response. ASP and Cold Fusion in that they both are run on the server and send HTM pages back to the browser. However, they are very different. ASP is a scripting language and people familiar with VB would most likely preferr ASP. Cold Fusion is a tag based language and very easy for HTML coders to pick up on. They both have there advantages and disadvantages. I personnally like developing in CF better but you do have the extra cost of the Cold Fusion server, as with ASP pages are interpreted by IIS.

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    Duc Guest

    Default RE: ASP/ColdFusion Comparism -NO NO NO

    I think you should read his question again before answer it. It sound to me like he only concernt about whether he should invest his time into CF or not because it&#039s so hot out there. As a developer who care about how much does the server cost all you care about is what are you enjoy doing, how much do you know and how much do you worth.?<BR>Duc

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