Is this possible in a query string?

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Thread: Is this possible in a query string?

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    Hello.. <BR>My boss is wanting me to work on an ASP based banner script(s).. <BR>The problem I am having is this. I get the banner path from a database and display it on a page, and when clicked on by the user I redirect to a new page which adds one to a count of impressions. But, my boss wants the banner&#039s redirection URL to open in a new window. I have never done this. Can one do something like this? <BR>&#060;a href="/scripts/bRed.asp?count=rs("count")url=&#060;%=rs("url")&ch r(34)&"target=&chr(34)&"_blank"%&#062;&#062; ? This way the redirection script will open in the new window and redirect after the scripting has been processed? Does that make sense? Please email me if possible as well to :

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    I&#039m not certain how to do it in ASP, but this is a very common thing to do with JScript. Sorry: I don&#039t have the recipe at hand, but check the Document object for JScript - you specify a "target" name for the new window. Note: I&#039ve done this from hyperlinks, and it works right, even if ASP is involved. However, since you&#039ve got the banner processing in the middle, I&#039m not certain whether it&#039ll work the same way.

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    Default a query string? HTML 101

    &#060;a href="Blah.asp?a=1&b=2" target="_blank"&#062;

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