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    For an intranet website I have created a login screen with a username and password. But once the user login with the username and password , the next time onwards , as soon as entering the first letter of the username the username and password(in password char) appears its own , eventhough I have not wriiten any cookies for saving the username or password. I wanted the user to type username and password every time he logs into this page. Can anybody help me in doing the same through ASP program( not by changing the browser or windows settings). I am using PWS.<BR> Thank You in advance.

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    Default Web Security.....NO browser properties

    That is a feature of the browser nothing to do with you it has everythign to do with the settings the user who used the browser first chose<BR><BR>i think it is in the properties of the browser in IE atleast<BR><BR>go to content and disable...hmmm...what is that.....i think it is auto enable. I am using IE 4 here so i am not too sure. But in IE 5 and above you can disable it as well as delete what it has already saved i think it is in the content tab of the browser properties

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    ya as akilesh said it has nothing to do with your code, this depends on the browser settings, in the ie5 properties if you got to the content tab ans select the autocomplete option you will see the three option check boxes to select once among them is username and the password on the forms, if you uncheck the option the browser will not autocomplete the username and the password, try changing the properties

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