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    Hi all,<BR>Anyone know how to apply a variable in a stored procedure so that a column SELECT can be cotrolled externally? <BR>I have tried the following with no success.<BR><BR>CREATE PROCEDURE deliveryOptions <BR>(@ldelivery_zone char)<BR>AS<BR>SELECT del_id, ["zone" + @ldelivery_zone] <BR>FROM delivery<BR><BR>I have several columns in a table: zone1, zone2 etc. I am trying to control the column SELECT via @ldelivery_zone variable... but have had no success!<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>Rgds Mark.

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    You&#039ll have to build the entire select statement as a string and assign it to a var then use EXECute:<BR><BR><BR>CREATE PROCEDURE spTest<BR>@pValues varChar(1)<BR>AS<BR>DECLARE @sSql VarChar(100)<BR><BR>SELECT @sSql = &#039SELECT FieldName&#039 + @pValues + &#039 FROM Blah Blah ...&#039<BR>EXEC(@sSql)<BR><BR><BR>

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    Thanks g-mny :)

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