&nbsp;<BR>I&#039m trying to use an array to hold a value generated by a stored procedure (generated via "objCmd.Parameters("@NewKey")" phrase seen below). But, when i try and store it in an array (e.g., strIListKey(1)) i get a type mistmatch error. If i store it in just a plain, vanilla strIListKey it works fine. Any idea why the different behaivor between an array and non-array?<BR><BR>dim strNoWorks(3)<BR> objCmd.Execute<BR> strWorks = objCmd.Parameters("@NewKey")<BR> strNoWorks(1) = objCmd.Parameters("@NewKey")<BR><BR>Any help on this? I search the FAQ&#039s, etc. without avail.<BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>.rob adams<BR>EGOZ.org